James L. Hirsen

James Hirsen is a New York Times best selling author, commentator, news analyst and law professor.

Sought after for his expertise on current events and cultural matters, Hirsen has appeared on the O’Reilly Factor, Weekend Live with Tony Snow, Scarborough Country, CNN’s People in the News, Fox and Friends, ABC’s Politically Incorrect and numerous other television programs.

He is also a frequent guest on radio shows across the country including Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Bob Grant, Mancow Muller, G. Gordon Liddy, George Putnam, Jim Quinn, Al Rantel, Dennis Prager, Janet Parshall, Michael Reagan, Roger Hedgecock and Mark Larson. In addition, he hosts his own daily radio program on a nationally syndicated network.

Hirsen is a pundit for NewsMax.com and author of the popular weekly column, “The Left Coast Report,” where he regularly brandishes his satirical six-shooter and aims it straight at the politics of Hollywood.

In his blockbuster tome on the same topic, with its unprecedented debut and hopscotch up the charts, the New York Times bestseller Tales from the Left Coast: True Stories of Hollywood Stars and Their Outrageous Politics demonstrates just how large the political and cultural cavern between the public and left-leaning residents in Tinseltown really is.

Hirsen teaches law at both Trinity Law School and Biola University in Southern California. He is admitted to practice in the California and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations as well as the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of International Trade.

Before setting his sights on the legal, communications and publishing worlds, Hirsen worked as a professional musician. He participated in numerous studio recordings, film scores and performance events, and for a number of years was keyboardist for one of the most legendary groups of all times, the Temptations.

He currently resides in Newport Beach, California.

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